Xi Jinping Talks with President Zaparov of Kyrgyzstan

2023-05-19The Source:Xinhua
The two heads of state announced that they will elevate China Kyrgyzstan relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era.

China Kyrgyzstan relations have gone through 31 years of development, and China is willing to work with Kyrgyzstan to build a community of good neighborliness, friendship, shared prosperity, and a shared future for the two countries, to assist in their development and revitalization.

It is necessary to strengthen the docking of development strategies and policy coordination, promote practical cooperation in all fields by jointly building the "the Belt and Road" with high quality, improve the level of economic and trade cooperation, promote the construction of livelihood projects, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization and other fields of cooperation, deepen connectivity cooperation, and start the construction of the China Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan railway at an early date. China is willing to increase the import of high-quality agricultural and sideline products from Kyrgyzstan and encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in Kyrgyzstan. Both sides also need to strengthen local cooperation, expand cultural exchanges, and solidify the social and public opinion foundation for the development of bilateral relations. We should deepen security cooperation and provide a good security environment for the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the development and construction of the two countries.

At present, Kyrgyzstan China relations are at the best level in history. Kyrgyzstan supports China's unwavering stance on core interest issues such as Taiwan, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong, supports China's global security and development initiatives, and is willing to firmly support each other, closely communicate and collaborate with China, and jointly promote security and development between the two countries and the region. Kyrgyzstan will spare no effort to provide a safe and sound investment environment for Chinese enterprises and continue to promote the joint construction of the "the Belt and Road". Today, we elevate Kyrgyzstan China relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era and reach an agreement on building a community with a shared future between Kyrgyzstan and China, which will surely push the comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries to a new level.
After the talks, the two heads of state signed the Joint Declaration of the People's Republic of China and the Kyrgyz Republic on Establishing a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for the New Era, and jointly witnessed the signing of multiple bilateral cooperation documents in fields such as economy and trade, industry and investment, customs, agriculture, and humanities.

Cai Qi, Wang Yi, Qin Gang, and others participated in the above activities.

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