The "Belt and Road" initiative is gaining momentum and bearing fruit

2023-05-05The Source:Jintai Information
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the RF19L5A reefer container developed and manufactured by Shijiazhuang Company of Qiche Group has successfully completed customer acceptance, marking a new breakthrough in the cold chain project of the company in the reefer container market.
With the advent of mature period of fruit in Southeast Asia, cross-border fruit cold chain transportation ushered in a new boom. According to the needs of customers in Yunnan, the company has developed customized transport vehicles for the long trunk line of China-Laos railway, which are suitable for high-end fruits such as durian, and pioneered the technology of "up air discharge" instead of "down air discharge". By improving the air duct of the unit, the temperature distribution is more balanced, which can maximize the satisfaction of the long trunk line transport of tropical fruits and meet the customized needs of customers.
In recent years, focusing on "creating the source of original technology", the company has been deeply cultivating the market of China-Laos railway cold chain transport equipment, conducting precise research and development, and preparing for breakthroughs. It is committed to the development of multimodal transport and the construction of related functional supporting facilities, and continuously exploring the construction of an efficient multimodal transport service system. In early November 2022, it was successfully selected into the list of the fourth batch of multimodal transport Demonstration projects created by the National Ministry of Transport. The company in the cold chain industry field of new technology leading ability continues to strengthen, with excellent strength and quality products to win the full recognition and recognition of customers, in many competitors stand out to get the market order.
"Facing the future, the company will continue to take 'connecting the world for the benefit of mankind' as its own responsibility, combine the application data of the equipment in the durian transport market of China-Laos Railway, provide effective support for the equipment development of the subsequent multimodal transport demonstration project, give full play to the leading advantages of CRRC cold chain project in the industry technology, and continue to use new technology, new products and new services. To promote the high-quality development of the Belt and Road and ensure the stability of the international supply chain and trade chain, CRRC wisdom." The company said. (

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