Service Industry Economy Union


To establish the Service Industry Economy Development Union in the countries along the Belt and Road must be enforced. The basis of service industry development are policy exchanges, financing, facility connections, and open trade. On the macro level, it is ability and wisdom of the ruling party in "Service and Country, Service and Society, Service and People" , showcasing the nation's prosperity and people's happiness index. On the micro level, the service industry motivate the national vitality, economic mobility, market prosperity, economic motivation of internal circulation, and the development of technology. To establish the Service Industry Economy Development Union between nations and cities along the Belt and Road is to form the development layout of interconnection, implement the important measures on policy exchanges, facility connections, open trade, financing, and people community of common aspirations, being the powerful tools of strengthening the open up and consolidating the GDP level. To reach the above targets that the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route would collaborate with countries along the Belt and Road with the principle of joint discussion, joint built, and sharing.

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