Industry Economy Development Union


In the most of the countries along the Belt and Road, the industrial basis is comparatively fragile, and a lack of technology, equipment, and personnel. To make up for this weakness, output China's technology, equipment, and personnel is the responsibility of the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route. Combining with the industry of countries along the Belt and Road to drive the industrial upgrade. Combining with the natural resources of countries along the Belt and Road to drive the sustainable development of ecological resources. Combining with the market demands of countries along the Belt and Road to meet the increasing material needs of people and compensate the industry. It is the significance of Industry Economy Union to stimulate domestic needs, drive the employment, tamp the state power, fully use of the internal and external resources, carry out the industrial resources circulation between domestic and international, crate multi-channel market space, break through the technological barrier, eliminate manufacture industry protection, build up the human community of shared destiny, and achieve common wealth

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