Agriculture Economy Development Union


In the 73th World Health Organization( WHO) convention, The president, Xi jinping proposed that "it is supposed to strengthen the establishment of world public security of epidemic prevention system". The establishment of prevention system become the focal point of different government official and people around the world. During the establishment of prevention system, agriculture issues is a key point, Chinese old saying that "food and safety come as the first". From the crops planting, processing to the dinner tables, that are all related to the safety for people. From the crops storage to the layout of supply, that are all related to the security for countries. The Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route stand beside the food safety to assist government hereby to improve people's wellbeing. To set up the Agriculture Economy Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route is to face the global challenges of natural disaster, warfare, climate change, assist different government official in the countries along the Belt and Road Route in comprehensively setting up the prevention measures on public security. Integrating wisdom, business, and funds for the high yield and high efficiency, the deep processing of agricultural and sidelines products, precious agriculture, excellent agriculture, poverty alleviation agriculture.

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