Business Chamber Union


Business Chamber Union ally with the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route to join formulate the Same Industry Union. That aim to strengthen the Business Chamber's constructional function on economy, society, ecology, enhance the positive role in various industries, promote better and faster development under the leadership of the Same Industry Union. The Business Chamber is the outputs during the process of economic development in some extent, promote the basis of the construction on national and cities ecological civilization, is the ties of cities development and national prosperity. The structural state of Same Industry Union of Business Chamber, meet the demands on the development of countries and cities along the One Belt and One Road Route, correspond with the spirit of join discussion, co-built, sharing. The Same Industry Union responsible for organizing the member of Business Chamber and the industry that belongs to, collect the Big Data, analysis, arrangement, same kind comparison, complementary short board, strengthen weakness, seek market, undertaking free trade, financing, the people's community of common aspiration. 

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