Registration Guidelines
Registration Login Operating Instructions

Member Registration Application Instructions
Union implements affiliate programs, member truthfully fill in relative information, upload relative material, after verified by expert team, the membership fees are in accordance with individual state and level, please make payment according to off-line payment operation reminder of Member Center in our website , after payment, being the formal member of our Union to be entitled to get involved in attending all kinds of activities within Union. If application that fails to be qualified can be delivered for the second time after modifying material. To make confirmation of the truth of material, If we find that the application and material exists misrepresentation, Union has authority to cancel the membership.

The member enterprises of Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route getting involved in different advertising and programs advocacy which would be audited and supervised by Union official. The Union platform mainly provides for on & off-line Union meetings and activities, product showcase, enterprise demonstration, various enterprises bidding information publish, special recommendation, and so on.
Member Registration Quick Application Procedure
Step One: Quick Application
Method 1: Login the website of Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route ( hereinafter refers to "Union net",, click Registration Operation Guide, after finishing the registration, login the system, fill basic information of enterprise and submit to audit.
Method 2:Click the page of Unions of Different Mixed Industries, find out your own industry in accordance with the industry category, and direct click into registration process.

Step Two: Expert Audit
After submitting the registration information, please be patient to wait for the audit process by Union expert team, after the process of audit, we would inform you by email, after receiving the email, please take time to complementary and complete the content of the existed membership system, showcase your own enterprise.The audit time of the expert team is on the 15th and 28th of each month (postponed for holidays).

Step Three: Payment Operation
After finishing the process of audit by Union membership center, please make payment operations in accordance with the off-line payment operations reminder, waiting for the reconfirmation of the payment by Union official, the membership will come into effect.

Step Four:Open Up Confirmation or Second-time Submission
If the application submitted by enterprise does not meet the requirement, system would remind you take second-time submission, by way of the audit by Union expert team, you also have rights to be our membership.

Step Five: Improvement and Management System
After being our formal Union membership, you have rights to manage admin page, making completion of different units inside system. That is good for better work of promotions and procurement business, and other biding activities.

The Introduction of Member Management System
After you enterprise become the formal membership of our Union, you have rights to add and modify your enterprise information anytime, you also have rights to add and replace your product information according to the requirement of membership center, making enterprise showcasing, freely looking over the relative projects information and sort of notice of activities of same industry. Moreover, Submitting the biding documents, after the audit by the expert team, the enterprises which passed the first trial have rights to come into the second round.

Other Common Problems