Agricultural Innovation Cities


"To eat for days, food safety first", the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route highly advocate and guide the technological agriculture, ecological agriculture, urban agriculture, high efficiency agriculture and modern agriculture ideas. Advocating the innovative agriculture, implementing the refined processing, agricultural high yield and production, unblocking the channel of international trade of crops and local specialty, coordinating with the advanced agricultural nations, forming the agricultural expert station, agricultural academicians station, agricultural doctor station, and agricultural innovation personnel station, making contribution on humankind's crops planting, crops security, and crops supply. The election of Agricultural Innovation Cities focus on the high yield, duplicability and hatchability of high efficiency agriculture. The agricultural innovation is a infinite topic for human being, agriculture is the root of exploring the universal mystery and living principle, but agricultural innovation is the objection. The basic principal is to improve the quality of soil, high yield, meet the demands, and security, refuse to waste, balance the supply. It is the key point of Agricultural Innovation Cities to sound the alarms of the food crisis, environmental deterioration, population booming, imbalance regional development.

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