One Belt and One Road International Ecological Cities


Ecological Cities is an important concept and posed by the UNESCO initiating the Man and Biosphere Program. The ecological cities refers to the harmony between human and nature, the harmony between building and ecological environment, that is the highest standard of the ecological cities, also the ideal ecological cities life for human being. The earth, nature does not need cities, the appearance of the cities mostly at the expanse of destroying the ecological environment and nature. One Belt and One Road International Ecological Cities Union is objective to build such cities union are mutual backup, mutual learning of development as low carbon dioxide, mutual connections of sustainable development.
The union standard of international ecological cities, is determined by the social ecology, nature ecology, economy ecology. The principle of social economy is based on the people, meet the demands on various material and sentimental, create freedom, equal, fair, and stable social environment. The principle of economic ecology protection and take advantage of whole natural resources and energy, increase recycle and utility of resources, fulfill resources high efficiency, adopt the pattern of sustainable production, consumption, transportation, residential housing development. we prioritize natural ecology with largest limits to protect, hereby make development and construction activities maintain under the affordance of natural environment, on the other hand, decrease the negative impact on nature, improve healthfulness.


For International Ecological Cities Union, the following eight requirements should be met:
(1)To be Large implementation of usage of ecology theory to manage and construct cities, the rational and coordinated cities structure.
(2)To protect and effectively utilize possible natural resources and energy, rational industrial structure, and clean production.
(3)To adopt sustainable consumption develop mode, material and energy recycle in high utilization rate.
(4)To improve the social facilities and infrastructures, high living standard.
(5)To make connections between artificial environment and natural environment, high environment standard.
(6)To protect and inherit cultural heritage, respect people's various culture and living characteristics.
(7)To make people healthy physically and mentally, foster the ecological awareness and environmental morality.
(8)To set up the sound and dynamic ecological administration and determination system.

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