Biotechnology and Medical Industry


The Biotechnology and Medical Industry is made of the biotechnology industry and medical industry. The COVID-19 triggered the global pandemic in 2020, the government and people around the world has been facing the severe challenge ever. Human being feel so small when they facing the COVID-19 and nature. In areas of biotechnology and medical Industry, humankind still have long way to explore. The alarm of public health security sounds once more to wake up people. The Chinese President Xi Jinping, earlier proposed the constructive guidance of " The Establishment on Global Public Health Security System" and expressed to the whole world about the Chinese experience, Chinese strength, Chinese responsibility and obligation. The Biotechnology and Medical Industry of the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route is to penetrate the intelligence of scientist, inventor, production material supplier and production manufacturer from the biotechnology and medical areas, and bridge to the world, building up the platform for cooperation between them. To assist on the manufacture of global epidemic prevention materials. Providing the Chinese solutions on the prevention system and emergency system and storage system of global public health security.

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