Horizontal Alliances

2020-08-16The Source:en.uobr.org

异业联盟图文Horizontal Alliances is to build consensus, accumulate power, solid foundation, showcase advantages on structural state in various industries. To complementary short board during competence, to strengthen weakness during development. Horizontal Alliances absorb many enterprises, combine many business firm, join together with various industries, keep abreast of friends in various industries proceeding to the way of One Belt and One Road. Horizontal Alliances rely on special advantage of the Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route, active recommend the products that belong to the enterprise of the Union to countries along the Belt and Road Route, active assist the enterprises of Union to set up plant in countries along the Belt and Road Route, active coordinate the achievements of Union research and development organization settling down in countries along the Belt and Road Route. To create possible conditions for enterprises and merchant to expand the market along the Belt and Road Route, better serve for "going out and coming in". At the grip of two markets, two kinds of resources, fully take advantage of the motivation of inner economic circulation and outer economic circulation, accumulate power, create advantage, make the Horizontal Alliances release great power.

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