International Free Trade Port


The One Belt And One Road international free trade port is the pioneer of free trade without borders. It breaks the unilateral trade protection brought by closed doors and technical barriers of free trade.
One Belt And One Road international free trade port is an incubator for the development of free trade among multilateral countries and a cornerstone for witnessing international cooperation.
From free trade transactions to logistics, from the monetary budget to the establishment of the tax system, it is accomplished through the data statistical system, data analysis system and data tracing system.
The application of big data, the development and upgrade of communication technology, the use of block chain technology and the settlement system of digital currency will all play a positive role.
The UOBR will establish an international free trade port along One Belt And One Road in mature cities and suitable natural environment regions of countries along the road to realize green trade, free trade, green finance, sustainable development, green passage and ecological cycle development.
The free transfer, incubation and expansion of science and technology, as well as the model management of the negative list of international industries, all need to create a legalized, internationalized and convenient business environment and a fair, transparent, unified and efficient market environment.
So, the construction of bonded and free of inspection and quarantine set data acquisition system, digital analysis system, the cloud computing system returns, block chain regulation system, artificial intelligence system, goods transfer function such as Internet scheduling system in the integration of international free trade port, formed the popular science tourism, trade, tourism and other extensions of the industrial chain.


China-Cambodia Free Trade Agreement

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