Industrial Innovation Cities



It is the only way that must be passed of largely expanding the smokeless industry, new type industry, new energy industry, intelligence industry, environmental protection industry, technological industry, smart industry, ecological industry, and information industry. China currently undertake "5G plus industrial internet", correspondence technology plus intelligence industry, 4.0 industrial manufacture, Made in China 2025, that be proved the industrial innovation has great importance for innovative cities. The manufacture industry is the pillar of economic activities for every country, that play an fundamental role in nation's development and prosperity. The development of countries along the Belt and Road Route can explain that there are countries development and prosperity cannot ignore the manufacture industry. It is the only way for countries along the Belt and Road Route of creating the competitive manufacture industry to improve comprehensive power, safeguard national security, being great power in the world. The Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route largely advocate and advertise the industrial innovation cities, and be dock with the industrial innovation cities alliance, making mutual learning, refine consensus, and mutual benefits.

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