Cultural Innovation Cities


Multicultural innovation is a measurable symbol of nation's development with open mind and common prosperity of multi-national. It is a vital point for one nation which respects the existence of multicultural to step forward to be advanced and developed. Culture is the stamp of one nation, that is the memory of people's living habits, minds, and the awareness of this world. Since the humankind come up, the culture has been appeared in daily life.

One Belt and One Road Cultural Innovation Cities set up platform of mutual communication, mutual study, and mutual understanding for people those who are different countries, different culture, different religions, different beliefs, different nationalities, and different habits. Providing a multicultural platform of mutual learning, mutual improving, mutual inheriting. Setting up a platform of interact with each other in a close relationship, mutual dependence, co-existence, and mutual development. The culture innovation undertakes cooperation without integration and proceeds with advanced thoughts, finally establishing the cultural innovation cities which the people of community of common aspiration. The specific pattern as followed: cultural innovation industry, animation industry, cultural tourism industry, cultural and sports industry, new city of cultural and technology.


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