One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities


Shared Backup, Shared Interest, Shared Development, it is related to the development on mutual aspiration, mutual expectations, and mutual objections to building up the One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities Union. Over the 50% of the population live in the urban area, depending on the nature of cities, the living standard is directly affected by the living space, cities is a manmade architectures in the world, and a besieged town for human. How to well govern, well operate, well develop cities, and how to make cities get on with the earth harmoniously and closely link up with the ecological environment, that is all attributed to sharing the successful experiences of China's cities development with the development process of cities along the Belt and Road Route, showing China's wisdom, sharing China's solutions, and outputting China's strengths.
The alliance of mutual cities is not only play an important role in industrial capacity cooperation, but also achieving complementary advantages in energy exploration, agriculture sector, industrial sector, service sector, international business, infrastructure constructions, residential housing engineering, vacant tourism, cultural exchange, human resources cooperation. The Urban Development Union of Countries along the Belt and Road Route alternatively and effectively links up the cities with the cities in China and along the Belt and Road Route, achieving resources distribution and combination. thereby, making accomplishment in One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities Union.
One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities Union can fully active vitality of cities, producing the cities motivation, promoting cities faster development, becoming the development layout of being members of an intimate community of shared destiny. One world, different destiny, poverty, starving, regional warfare, natural disaster, climate change, environmental pollution, regional development imbalance and so on, that all making human face new challenges of living value and meaning. only if human being jointly facing significant challenges, fighting against natural disasters and manmade disasters, we fight together, that is the significance of One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities Union. Building up the Shared Destiny Cities Union cannot keep up with the harmonious development of ecological environment, the scientific usage of the earth resources, the protection on natural resources. It is a common dream to building up a sustainable and ecological cities, let us make contributions to build up One Belt and One Road Shared Destiny Cities Union.


Work together to build an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future

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